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Organic groups API == nicely built architecture

I started to work in Gizra more than 6 months ago. While I did have lots of Drupal experience, I didn't have a lot of Organic groups experience, especially not in Drupal 7 version.
As a developer, I am more interested in the way things are built and less in the way they look. I mean, I know my way around front-end and user interface, but a good looking UI won't make me as exceited as a well developed piece of code.

Using Drupal Commerce for node subscription - part III: Paypal subscription and recurring payments

In part III we described the creation of a cart with a subscription information in it (the product with the Interval field).
Now the conclusion: how we make it till automatic recurring payment - the golden golden goal for any e-Commerce site.
Copy-paste is the best, you just need to know what you are looking for

Using Drupal Commerce for node subscription - part I: the requirements and existing modules

Drupal Commerce is the de-facto eCommerce solution for Drupal 7. Being so, it already has many different contributed modules that enhance its capabilities and make it much stronger, fit to answer any possible scenario.
Well, unless you want something a bit different...